No more worksheets.

As a nation, we spend over $4 billion a year on substitute teachers and it’s largely a waste of our money.

Most schools value socio-emotional learning but struggle to find the time and money to squeeze it into already packed programming.

LOCUM takes time and money that’s already set aside and with it, we teach youth the valuable skill of self-regulation to mitigate the effects of trauma on our communities.


Robust Support

Managing a class of 30 hormonal adolescents you just met is hard for anyone. Yoga teachers already come to us with 200 hours of training in anatomy, breath work and yogic philosophy.

On top of that, LOCUM provides:

  • Initial and ongoing training including: classroom management, adolescent development, culturally relevant pedagogy, and trauma sensitivity.

  • Partnership with a LOCUM staffer for initial sessions to support behavior management.

  • A coach who observes their teaching practice twice a month to support professional growth


Intentional Relationship Building

LOCUM is disrupting the revolving door of substitute teachers by incentivizing deep and long-standing partnerships.

Before even stepping foot in the classroom, we offer community engagement sessions with students, families and school staff.

Additionally, LOCUM teachers are awarded leveled bonuses for repeat gigs. School partners are given the option to offer a LOCUM teacher a residency (6 to 12 predetermined sessions) at a bundled rate.